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EH - Ekslamasi Holistik: Menarik <b>Di Lekir</b>, Sitiawan, Perak..

Posted: 28 Jun 2012 07:51 PM PDT

Salam dan holahai....

Apa kena dengan logo sekolah di atas ek?  Haaaa inilah logo sekolah EH masa praktikum kat bumi Lekir iaitu SMK Batu Sepuluh Lekir, Sitiawan, Perak Darul Ridzuan.  Deme kat sana sebut "lekiyour". Kalau pergi Lekir jangan terkejut pulak anda dengan sebutan "lekiyour".

Dalam segmen hari ini, EH akan berkongsi tempat menarik yang ada di Lekir. Pada mula-mulanya EH rasa macam tak ada apa-apa yang menarik kat sana hanya ada pekan Manjung dan bandar Sitiawan je..

Jeti di Kg Sungai Tiram, Lekir

Jalan punya jalan kat Kg Sungai Tiram rupa-rupanya ada laut kat sana. Wah sangat tenang melihat keindahan alam ini.

Pengalaman yang menyeronokkan

Penduduk di sekitar Kg Sungai Tiram ada yang menangkap hasil laut sebagai sumber pendapatan mereka seperti menangkap ikan, gayam, kerang dan sebagainya. Sebenarnya EH baru first time dengar, lihat, rasa sendiri gayam bila duduk di bumi Lekiyour..

Mencari ilham dan ketenangan di sini

Tanpa segan silu EH dan rakan EH selamba badak stay kat jeti tengok penduduk kat sana baru lepas turun dari laut. Tak biasa tapi wat macam OK-OK je....

Melihat penduduk kampung menaikkan hasil tangkapan gayam
Kadang-kadang bila waktu petang kita orang akan pergi ke sini mencari ketenagan dengan desiran ombak dan angin yang sepoi-sepoi bahasa sebab tugasan kat sekolah terlampau banyak bak kata Miss Wong, kalau fikir pasal kerja memang sentiasa ada. Lebih kurang macam gitoo la EH translatekan.. Heheeeee

Ok. Ini je coretan untuk segmen Ekspresi Interaksi EH. EH akhiri dengan video klip lagu ini. Sayonara!

Thank you Allah oleh Maher Zain

EH : Seronok dengan masyarakat bumi Lekiyour...

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07 di kampar - Google Blog Search

2 pekerja kilang maut, 9 cedera dalam kemalangan <b>di Kampar</b> <b>...</b>

Posted: 19 Apr 2012 09:09 PM PDT

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07 di bukit merah - Google Blog Search

Toxic legacy in Malaysia rare-earths village | Malaysian Times

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 07:13 PM PDT

By M. Jagathesan


KUALA LUMPUR : Thirty years have passed since Japan's Mitsubishi Chemicals opened a rare-earths refinery in the Malaysian village of Bukit Merah, but although the plant is gone, its toxic legacy persists.


The facility was embraced by authorities as an advanced foreign investment that would help create jobs in poor Perak state in the country's north.


But a rise in leukaemia and other health problems has left the site, now abandoned, as a silent warning to Malaysia as it touts a controversial new foreign rare-earths plant being built in the country's east by Australia's Lynas Corp.


"Look at my hands. The skin is peeling," said a 68-year-old local resident who gave only his surname, Ng.


"When I go to a local bar, the women just take off, afraid that if I touch them they will be infected," he said angrily of a mystery skin disorder he has endured for years.


Ng, who ran a hauling business, was awarded a contract to dispose of radioactive waste from the then-new facility in 1982. The plant's Japanese operators told him it could be used as fertiliser.


But the waste that he casually hauled away and disposed of in fields and rivers around Bukit Merah, home to 15,000 people, contained thorium, a carcinogenic radioactive chemical.



Lynas is putting the finishing touches on its $800 million rare-earths processing facility in Pahang state, a project billed by the government as an economic boost for the relatively undeveloped east coast.


Analysts say the plant, which will refine rare-earth ore brought from a Lynas mine in Australia, could help break China's stranglehold on the mineral elements, which are used in high-tech gadgets ranging from iPods to missiles.


China's control of about 95 percent of world supply has raised concerns.


But Lynas has been dogged by protests by environmentalists and residents who fear a repeat of Bukit Merah, and the anti-Lynas sentiment has galvanised a nascent "green" movement in Malaysia.


Lynas vows the facility will be safe, but opponents say the risks are clear at Bukit Merah, a once-idyllic farming community that today is marked by dilapidated brown wooden houses and a falling population.


Residents and activists say the village and surrounding areas have seen increased rates of leukaemia, birth defects, infant deaths, congenital diseases, miscarriages and lead poisoning in the years following the plant's opening.


"Mitsubishi's rare-earth refinery is Malaysia's worst industrial tragedy," said T. Jayabalan, a public health consultant who lived in Bukit Merah in the late 1980s, fighting for the plant's closure and documenting leukaemia cases.


Jayabalan said he had documented at least 11 deaths due to blood poisoning, brain tumours and leukaemia.


When the plant opened, villagers immediately complained of a stinging smoke and foul odour. Local ignorance meant that waste disposal was carried out with shocking recklessness.


"At one time, we dug a pit near a river in Bukit Merah and buried the waste," said Ng.


"Occasionally, lumps of wet thorium sludge would fall off the lorry and school children would walk pass it."


Mitsubishi Chemicals closed the plant in 1994 after a mounting public outcry, but the government has neither admitted nor denied radiation poisoning in the village.


The only payout by the company was a 500,000-ringgit ($158,000) lump sum to the local community to aid victims in 1994.


A tacit understanding was reached under which Mitsubishi Chemicals would shut the facility in exchange for a moratorium on lawsuits. The plant has since been dismantled, cows grazing on grass where it once stood, surrounded by a crumbling concrete wall.


Radioactive waste that was previously kept in rusting metal drums has been removed and buried in an isolated limestone hills nearby. But environmentalists say the dump site remains a health threat.


Bukit Merah spotlights the conundrum surrounding rare-earths processing — consumers clamour for the products that contain them but there are major concerns over the environmental impact of processing the minerals.

Opponents of the Lynas plant have seized upon such fears to challenge the new facility.


It was due to open late in 2011 but has been delayed in part by government hesitation in granting an operating licence to start production following protests by thousands.


A licence was awarded in February but the government froze that pending a review by a parliamentary panel.


The panel, dominated by Malaysia's ruling party, ruled on June 19 that the plant was safe. It was not immediately clear when the licence would be issued.


"We should not repeat the mistakes made at Bukit Merah. There is no such thing as a safe threshold for radiation which is cancer-causing," Jayabalan said.


S. Panchavarnam, 56, remembers vividly the pungent, choking smell she endured working at a timber mill adjacent to the plant in 1987. Pregnant at the time, she frequently fell ill.


"The Mitsubishi factory has caused a lot of pain. We are suffering in silence," she said.


Malaysia's frequent heavy rains caused carelessly dumped waste from the refinery to flow into the timber yard. She cleaned it up with no protective gear and soon suffered swelling in her legs and hands.


Panchavarnam said her daughter Kasturi, now 24, has been plagued by health problems since birth, dropping out of college at 19 as a result.


Kasturi was born with just one kidney, has short neck and a pair of low set eyes and continues to undergo treatment for persistent headaches. Panchavarnam said Kasturi suffers from frequent dizzy and fainting spells.


"The rare earths factory has brought pain to our lives. When she comes home from work, she will just sit in the corner of the room quietly," said Panchavarnam

FREE-NI (IKLAN PERCUMA): Apartment Suria <b>di Bukit Merah</b>, RM <b>...</b>

Posted: 14 Jun 2012 04:49 AM PDT

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Apartment Suria di Bukit Merah ingin dijual pada harga RM95,000...

Harga boleh dirunding...
Saya cuma terima kepada sesiapa yyang betul-betul berminat sahaja.
Pn. Husna 019-6653944
Ip Pengirim:

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07 di tronoh - Google Blog Search

Graduasi <b>di Tronoh</b> | Fotografi Fahizam

Posted: 24 Jun 2012 08:16 PM PDT

Hebat jugak UTP nih.Konvo pun ada jamuan makan untuk para hadirin.Bagus.Universiti bajet besar, macam tu la.Yang orang biasa-biasa ni tumpang saja la yaa..


Fahizam @ Fotografi Fahizam

Graduasi <b>di Tronoh</b> | Fotografi Fahizam

Posted: 24 Jun 2012 08:16 PM PDT

Hebat jugak UTP nih.Konvo pun ada jamuan makan untuk para hadirin.Bagus.Universiti bajet besar, macam tu la.Yang orang biasa-biasa ni tumpang saja la yaa..


Fahizam @ Fotografi Fahizam

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07 di sungai siput - Google Blog Search

UMNO <b>Sungai Siput</b> Manfaatkan Saat-Saat Akhir Daftar Pengundi <b>...</b>

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 07:47 PM PDT

Tarikh 30 Jun adalah tarikh akhir untuk rakyat Malaysia yang layak mengundi mendaftar sebagai pemilih bagi membolehkan membuang undi semasa Pilihan Raya Umum (PRU) akan datang sekiranya PRU diadakan selepas Ogos.

Oleh yang demikian, setiap UMNO Bahagian harus memainkan peranan penting memanfaatkan peluang yang ada bagi memastikan lebih ramai rakyat terutama ahli UMNO dapat mengundi.

Menurut Ketua UMNO Bahagian Sungai Siput, Datuk Dzulkifli Harun, beliau telah mengarahkan agar sayap-sayap termasuk parti komponen agar lebih serius sebelum berakhirnya 30 Jun ini untuk memastikan Barisan Nasional (BN) mampu merampas kembali Parlimen Sungai Siput yang dimenangi oleh PKR dan juga Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Jalong yang dimenangi oleh DAP pada PRU lalu.

"Kita memang memberikan perhatian yang lebih terhadap Parlimen Sungai Siput dan DUN Jalong kerana kita mahu memastikan Parlimen Sungai Siput mampu meyumbang kemenangan dua pertiga parti di PRU nanti.

"Sebab itulah, saat-saat genting ini harus digunakan sebaik mungkin agar kita dapat mendaftarkan seramai mungkin daftar pengundi baru. Saya juga berpuas hati dengan parti komponen yang turut sama memainkan peranan penting dalam membantu mendaftar pengundi baru," ujarnya kepada UMNO-Online.

Selain itu tambah beliau, setelah semua pihak bertungkus lumus memastikan daftar pengundi baru meningkat dengan baik, akhirnya semua akan terpulang kepada calon yang bakal diletakkan semasa PRU nanti.

"Kita memang tidak boleh menolak bahawa faktor calon juga memainkan peranan penting dalam memastikan kita berjaya dalam PRU. Sekarang ini soal calon harus dititik beratkan kerana sekiranya tersalah letak calon, kawasan yang sepatutnya menang juga kita boleh kalah," ujarnya lagi.

Baru-baru ini, Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof telah menyatakan bahawa Jun adalah detik paling sesuai untuk mendaftar sebagai pengundi sebelum senarai pemilih diwartakan pada Ogos depan.

Menurut Abdul Aziz, bulan Jun adalah bulan terakhir suku tahun 2/2012 dan selepas itu nama-nama tersebut akan dipamerkan pada bulan berikutnya iaitu Julai selama dua minggu. Jika tiada sebarang bantahan, senarai daftar pemilih berkenaan boleh diwartakan.

Semakan boleh dibuat melalui Call Centre di ibu pejabat SPR di Putrajaya di talian 03-8885 6565 ataupun menelefon ke pejabat-pejabat Pilihan Raya Negeri mulai 8.00 pagi hingga 5.00 petang, Isnin hingga Ahad tujuh (7) hari seminggu sepanjang bulan berkenaan.

Malah, semakan juga boleh dibuat menerusi Laman Sesawang SPR di dengan cara memasukkan nombor kad pengenalan dalam ruang semakan yang disediakan dan maklumat pendaftaran pemilih akan dipaparkan; Sistem Khidmat Pesanan Ringkas (SMS) dengan menaip SPRSEMAKNO.KAD PENGENALAN dan hantar ke 15888.

Semakan di kaunter SPR boleh dibuat di Ibu Pejabat SPR Putrajaya, ataupun di pejabat-pejabat Pilihan Raya Negeri dan dibuka pada hari Sabtu dan Ahad dari 8.00 pagi hingga 5.00 petang sepanjang bulan berkenaan.


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07 di kinta - Google Blog Search

Gold Heart Swan: Beauty Fair <b>di Kinta</b> Riverfront Hotel, Ipoh

Posted: 17 Jun 2012 11:21 AM PDT

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Beauty Fair di Kinta Riverfront Hotel, Ipoh. Kami akan berada di Ipoh pada hari Sabtu, 23 Jun 2012, dari jam 11 pagi hingga petang sempena Beauty Fair yang menayangkan semua produk Mary Kay. Kalau selama ini anda ...

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07 di kuala sepetang - Google Blog Search


Posted: 27 Jun 2012 05:33 AM PDT

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07 di tanjung rambutan - Google Blog Search

Majlis Perkahwinan <b>di Tanjung Rambutan</b> (3 Mac 2012)

Posted: 03 Mar 2012 10:23 PM PST

Menyediakan Perkhidmatan PA System untuk majlis keraian dan keramaian seperti:

- Majlis Perkahwinan
- Majlis Pernikahan
- Majlis Pertunangan
- Hari Ulangtahun
- Hari Keluarga
- Hari Sukan
- Khidmat Deejay
- Acara-Acara Korporat
- Rumah Terbuka
- Persembahan Pentas dan sebagainya.

Alunan Muzik dari Pop Yeh-Yeh hingga masa kini. Tidak kira dimana jua majlis diadakan, di dalam DEWAN, KHEMAH, PENTAS, kami sedia memberi perkhidmatan terbaik.

Sekiranya berminat, sila berhubung dengan iJaT:-

Kami menerima tempahan di dalam Daerah KINTA, PERAK TENGAH & KUALA KANGSAR. Bagi daerah lain, ia bergantung kepada faktor masa perjalanan dan kekosongan pada hari berkenaan.

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07 di pengkalan hulu - Google Blog Search

Tawaran Berniaga <b>di</b> Tapak Bazar Ramadhan <b>Pengkalan Hulu</b> ~ My <b>...</b>

Posted: 10 Jun 2012 05:39 PM PDT