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07 di taiping - Google Blog Search

07 di taiping - Google Blog Search

<b>Taiping</b> is Yin Yi Wang, the bald king of Polo for the well-being <b>...</b>

Posted: 29 Aug 2011 07:34 AM PDT

Louis Vuitton OnlineTaiping is Yin Yi Wang, the bald king of Polo for the well-being, and to give Indian Patent.Since that loss in this elegant as Khan, but similar, "Khan main desert", why the closure of its minister Mahathir as the king? And both of the Ya-yuan loss in origin, since the successor to Naizunaixiong itself, confined to desert their blog then nothing? Ya lost in the heart of this very clear how much the sincerity of Zhu Di. Zhu Di, he will never accept his designated range. Moreover, Ying Li Ya lost in the mainly Tatar leader, Wala with irreconcilable, Zhu Di seal Wala leader is king, only the Tatar leader will bring resentment. Sure enough, the Ya Zhu Di lost in the other refused the request of Paradise Xinwei of June, 100 Northumberland, etc. Li bite and Tatars brought Decadence from Mobei Guo Ji killed message.
Louis Vuitton Online OutletThe time, the loss of Lie Lu Ya Wala station is defeated by, living in the group of people Qu River, "want to drive the bulk of the lost soldier, Yan Xi Wu Liangha Zhu Wei, then hit the border." Zhu Di can not tolerate such an insult, anger, saying: "Zhenyi be of sincerity, but also their subordinates emissary, is run envoys to kill, want to plunder Stanford, Stanford chi dare the case or not? Niming whoever addition of F ear!" He was determined to use force to eradicate Niming of Kou.
Cheap Louis Vuitton HandbagsZhu Di to Mongolia from the occurrence of a major policy change from the "not go chasing" to "Niming kill." Since then, he F in addition to "Ni Ming," the bandits run out of energy, until die the way back north levy Mongolia. On the surface, Zhu Di was repeated patient, the sum is not taught anger and decided to use force, in fact, Zhu Di policy changes in Mongolia have deeper underlying causes.
Louis Vuitton HandbagsFirst, the domestic situation has been far from the Ming Dynasty Zhu Di ascended the throne than the political opposition has largely subsided, the social order is stable, while Annan's war from the beginning to the Yongle Yongle four years come to an end, the Ming court in the county set Annan , Ni Ming Lai quarter usurp kill plow, Li Cang and other prisoners have been offered the capital. Zhu Di has the power to free our sights north. Zhu Di to say "Ni Ming Jian whoever addition of the" seven words in the Paradise in June, and in March this year, Zhu Di has moved from Nanjing to Beijing. Is it just to Zhu Di, the northbound land Xunxing his Longfei it? He use of forces in the north has long been considered into it, and the clear, Mr. Wada said: "During this period, from April, so send ambassador to Mongolia, Guo Ji, etc., if not lucky enough to go after Chao ask if effective, is intended merely to get an excuse to send troops. "

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