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07 di chemor - Google Blog Search

07 di chemor - Google Blog Search

Jawatan Kosong <b>di</b> Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad

Posted: 14 Jun 2012 09:43 AM PDT

Post 1 – 4 Closing Date : 19/06/2012

Post 5 – 8 Open Application

Malaysia Airports Berhad was incorporated in 1991 when a Malaysian Parliament upheld a check to apart a Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) into dual entities with opposite spheres of responsibilities. DCA stays a regulatory physique for a airports and aviation attention in Malaysia while a newly combined entity, Malaysia Airports Berhad is to concentration on a operations, government and upkeep of airports. In Nov 1992, Malaysia Airports Berhad was duly protected by a Minister of Transport Malaysia to lift out a duty as a airfield operator.

We entice rarely encouraged and result-oriented people to join the group as:

1. Executive – Administration (IT Division)

2. Executive – Corporate Planning (Regulatory Affairs Unit)

3. Executive – Land Development

4. Manager – Corporate Communications (Centralised Customer Service)

5. Retail Advisor – Operations (Floor KLIA SAT/ CP LCCT – Contract)

6. Customer Service Coordinator- Retail Business (Operations)

7. Supervisor – Food and Beverage

8. Customer Service Assistant – Operations (Retail)


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