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07 di sungkai - Google Blog Search

07 di sungkai - Google Blog Search

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Posted: 08 Nov 2007 10:23 PM PST

2 days after being SUNGKAI-ed..(ehehe purposely put diz suffix)

i did'nt knoe what SUNGKAI is all bout. Seems dat my collegues kept quiet when i asked them bout sungkai. they juz smiled n said it was really a nice place. aha'.. okay then.. lemme tell u why i got excited bout diz sungkai2 things.. actually Sungkai is a name of a place, located in Perak (my hometown jgk). it's a tradition for Sahabat UNITEN to go thru a kinda practice/exercise to enhance our teamwork spirit. Mmg BEST !! (cam lam citer NARUTO lak). Along the journey, the only thin i cud see palm oil estates plus rubber trees. hmm.. we were totally out of city. At sungkai, there is a camp called KEM NADI > private consultant to cultivate our teamwerk spirit. there were 33 participants including me. my boss came by van with other bosses. when we arrived at the main hall (NADI MINDA), the opening ceremony was began. sahabat pak ya briefed us bout the activities we had to go thru in 4 days 3 nites..speech followed by my boss sahabat ishak (QAC HOD). he wished GUD LUCK 2 us..

at nite.. our minds were being shaked, knocked by the words came from sahabat JJ (one of the facilitators). he asked us..why Allah sent us 2 sungkai.. he said dat, u r gonna find d answers by yourself. he reminded us not to catch people doing somthin wrong but always catch people doing good 2 us.. we need 2 reflect ourselves..again n again.. "how bout me..?"…."why me..?" ask ourselves…

early in the morning we had 2 face sahabat Pak Din (best actor) during morning exercise. my gudness.. even tho he looked quite old but his strength…he asked us to jog nearly one hour plus other annoying series of exercises.. he believed in ONE 4 ALL. ALL 4 ONE.. if one of us did not follow d rules, all must b punished..urghh.. everybody talked bad about him in the dorm..bcuz he made us suffered n miserable… tensed!! however, when we reflected, there's a bossy boss in evry how can u tackle diz kinda boss? and we must be punctual at all time..if not we had 2 do 'pumping' ehehehe..

all of us must try to throw out our scary feeling. hey, guess what, we had to do flying fox. this is the most enjoyable part. hhuhuhu i made it! at nite we had to explore sungkai junggle with only 2 candles, 10 matches n 1 bottle of mineral water to survive. luckily, we moved in a big group (14 members). but, i was selected as the group leader..urghhh..i felt burdened n scared to control 14 members under me. but sahabat ajib calmed me down n he said the group will support me..i felt confident…it shows how other people put their trusts n confidence in me, so, it is my responsibility to look after them n to protect them from any challenges. we managed eventually…

this sungkai story gave me new dimensions on how working people are, relationship with collegues, camaraderie among our collegues…even with husband, mother n perceptions..but one objective is to get His bless..

thank you. . .

Bila Diri Disayangi 

Terdengar bisikan mesra
Kalimah keramat bermentara
Bermulanya siang berakhir malam ku
Tak akan ku jemu menyebut namamu

Tiada batasan waktu
Tiada tempat mu tertentu
Di gunung di lembah, di darat, di air
Siapa pun hamba, keikhlasan doa, keagungan
Kasih merubah takdir

Bila ku sedari diri disayangi
Langkah kaki ini semakin berani
Bila terkeliru ku ucap namamu, terasa diriku
Kembali dipandu

Engkau pertama, tiada akhirnya
Aku dalam kegelapan engkaulah cahaya
Izinkahlah aku menumpang di sini
Di bawah naungan kasih dan sayang mu
Ku berserah diri

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