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di negeri perak - Google Blog Search

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Posted: 14 Jun 2011 07:32 AM PDT

Interview questions are based on skills contained in the job criteria. Interviews are designed to get a complete, integrated analysis of each candidate. Candidates are expected to demonstrate their skills to the required standard for each of the job criteria in their answers.

There are several classes of job interview questions:

• Skills based questions

• Knowledge based questions

• Technical questions

• Problem solving questions

• Experience related questions

• Interpersonal skills questions

Skills based questions

These job interview questions are related to specific job skills outlined in essential criteria. Candidates are asked to give examples of their work, or outline their duties and performance in key roles.

Knowledge based questions

Many jobs have a required knowledge base. Interview questions are used to find out the depth of knowledge, and to check and confirm candidates have the essential information required to do the work involved.

Technical questions

These are a different type of knowledge based job interview questions, and they relate to the technical issues of the position. In some job interviews, a person on the interview panel is appointed to ask these questions, and give expert evaluation of answers to the panel.

Problem solving questions

The problem solving job interview questions are now standard practice. Problem solving questions are used to define skill levels and the ability to deal with difficulties.

Experience related questions This is a range of job interview questions designed to test prior experience across the range of job skills contained in the position. They include additional questions to clarify the scope of candidates? experience. They also deal with issues related to the job, particularly where levels of experience relate directly to the complexity of the work.

Interpersonal skills questions

These are job interview questions which explore workplace relationships, team roles, leadership, and other personal characteristics of candidates. Questions can range from dealing with stress to contributing to a team.

Assessing job interview questions

Interview assessments use the merit principle to decide successful applicants based on their answers to the job interview questions. A panel discussion and consensus, or a formal evaluation process using an 'evaluation grid', (a step by step analysis of answers) is conducted.

The selection process

Interviewers select the candidate who meets all job criteria to an acceptable standard. The panel then makes a recommendation for appointment to management.

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