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07 di kampar - Google Blog Search

Furniture shop at Taman <b>Kampar</b> Perdana set ablaze - Komunitikini

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 05:10 PM PDT

The series of arson attacks in Taman Kampar Perdana over the past few weeks has now given way to bigger and bolder fires.

This time it involved a furniture shop in Jalan Perdana which was almost burnt down.

However, The police could not conclude the cause of the fire and further investigations is pending.

After a spate of arson attacks in Taman Kampar Perdana, the culprit is still at large. It could not be verifed if the series of arson attacks had anything to do with the fire at the furniture shop.

It is also reported that this was the 16th case of deliberate fire in Taman Kampar Perdana and is the most serious incident of all.

According to sources, the fire was believed to have started around 7pm after the glass behind the back door of the furniture shop had been broken into.

Around 7.10pm, the fire department in Kampar had received a distress call and reached the scene around 7.20pm

The fire was believed to be brought under control within 15minutes of the firemen reaching the scene.

When Komunitikini reached the scene, it found the fire to be was very intense and the firemen were working very hard to bring the fire under control.

According to Kampar OCPD Supt Abdul Aziz Salleh, the police had detained a man for further investigation pertaining the fire which broke out.

However, when asked by the press, he stated that the fire might not be the work of the infamous Taman Kampar Pedana arsonist, and could possibly be a copycat.

At the scene was the furniture shop owner Chuoa Chiung Xing, 25,  from Ipoh who had a look of despair when asked about the incident.

"I've suspect that this would probably work of the arsonist as the glass behind the shop had been broken and this might allow for something to be thrown into it".

"Without thinking so much, I had asked my workers to helped put out the fire. However, their efforts were futile and the fire quickly spread to the front", said the shop owner.

When asked about the damages and losses suffered after the incident, Chuoa mentioned that the fire cost him approximately RM 30,000 as most of the furniture making materials were burnt after the incident.

Chuoa also added that the business would be operating as usual after the incident as only the store area was burnt down.

"Luckily it's only the store room which was burnt and the fire did not spread to the whole shop," said Chuoa after the incident.

Another witnesses who spotted the incident was ADUN Malim Nawar Keshvinder Singh who was passing through the area during the time.

"When I passed by the area, I saw a thick smoke coming out from the shop. Without thinking so much, I quickly alerted other residents in the area and help to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher."

"However, the fire could hardly be controlled with our effort".

Taman Kampar Perdana has been labeled 'Taman Bakar' after a spate of continuous arson attacks in the past few weeks.

Another eyewitness was a student who was having dinner at a restaurant near the scene when he heard loud explosion at the furniture shop.

"When I heard the explosion, I quickly ran to the scene and saw a thick smoke had begun accumulating behind the shop," stated the student.

After the serial arson in Taman Kampar Perdana, the students near the residential area were advice by police and RELA personnels to close their main door every time to avoid untoward incidences.

With investigations pending, the residents are forced to live in fear and wonder if it will be their homes or businesses which will go up in smokes next.

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