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07 di sungkai - Google Blog Search

07 di sungkai - Google Blog Search

mokteh says...: what I wish for right now

Posted: 28 Jun 2011 11:27 AM PDT

1. New handbag.
Preferably designer's, ngehehehe. In my dream...

2. Nice, old traditional home of my own.
Surrounded by the green paddy field, fruit trees and other livestock. Best kan? And if possible, must also be near a small river stream. Teringat zaman berkunjung ke kampung Fadh di Sungkai. A house in an orchard with a river stream nearby. Best sgt. Bole makan durian and rambutan fresh! Lepas tu pegi terjun, mandi sungai. Wonderful!

3. I wanna go beach-ing!!!
It's been awhile tak mandi laut. Although I don't like to the taste of the sea water, I still wanna go to the beach!

4. New wardrobe collection.
Baju semua dah buruk2. Did spring cleaning last 2 days...sort of. Ceh, wardrobe collection konon. I never spend more than RM100 for a shirt though. 

5. Longer leave.
Being a full-time housewife is a bliss. But sadly, need to start new job in 2 days. Got a living to earn huhu.

Cukup la so far. So what's your wishlist?

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