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07 di bidor - Google Blog Search

07 di bidor - Google Blog Search

My Blog: Lunch at <b>Bidor</b> 3 June 2011

Posted: 03 Jun 2011 09:37 AM PDT

On Our way home to KL, we decided to stop at Bidor for lunch

Passing by some beautiful paddy fields

quaint and quixotic little town, like Batu Pahat 10 years ago
Fruits occupy the five foot way


so crowded!

our lunch!

time to buy biscuits after lunch

his favourite biscuits

we even had time to buy daughter's PJ cycling pants

and got scolded by the sales lady who got suspicious and asked why we took photos of her shop! She thinks we are collecting incriminating evidence...

so cheap!!!! 4 ringgit for short slip and 5 ringgit for slightly longer black slip

RM3.50 for short cycling pants!

total came to RM30!!!

RM8.90 for boxers!

time to drive back..past some scenic countryside

before we hit the highway...and end of small towns bypassed and forgotten by the highway.

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