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07 di chemor - Google Blog Search

07 di chemor - Google Blog Search

Instant CD Templates – Printable <b>...</b> - <b>Chemor</b>, Perak Daily Updates

Posted: 04 Sep 2011 01:36 AM PDT

Click Here..Instant CD Templates - Printable & Kunaki-compatible CD & DVD TemplatesWarning: If you read this letter in FULL, your marketing perspective could never be the same again – even if you do not take me up on my offer in the end. Your time won't be wasted because today, you are about to….

Simply Send Our CD or DVD Templates & Their Contents We Give You To Kunaki.Com or other CD-fulfillment Company Using Our Compatible CD Labels & CD Case Templates & Start Selling Scores of CD & DVD Products Right Away – The CD -fulfillment companies will burn, print, barcode, wrap, package and ship your CDs for you at a moment's notice direct to Your Customers Anywhere in the World…

Plus, if you act today, You Also Get The Editable Source Files So You Can Create CD and DVD Products From Your PLR or Private Label & Resale Rights & Public Domain Products Quickly & Easily…

While our CD and DVD templates specifically for CDs and DVDs, they can easily be turned into Physical Book covers! All you need to do is either print them and the included content yourself using your desktop printer or modify them using any graphic program and submit them to book fulfillment companies like Lulu.Com or Amazon who will ship them directly to your customers worldwide. Create your professional-looking paperbacks, digests, hardcovers using your Private Label materials or even ebooks with Master Resale Rights for as low as $3.20 each and sell the same on Lulu.Com or Amazon! Instructions on how to modify our templates are now in members' area. If you have not joined yet, now is your chance to launch your own bestseller to millions of physical book buyers.

You've bought tons of digital products – i.e. videos, ebooks, softwares, etc. hoping to make boatloads of cash with them.

In fact, experts estimate that a whopping… Read more…

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