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MADA to set-up rice mill - Latest - New Straits Times

Posted: 18 Feb 2013 03:00 AM PST


Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industry minister Datuk Mohd Johari Baharum said the project, which would be carried out in Jitra under the National Key Economic Area (NKEA), would benefit some 51,000 padi farmers in the state.


The mill, he said, would help to boost the farmers' income and give them the opportunity to be involved in both padi plantation and processing activities.


"Currently, most of our padi farmers are solely dependent on padi farming activities.


"If Mada has it's own mill in the state, farmers could increase their income by getting involved in both padi farming and rice milling activities.


"In fact, we could also produce other padi-related products such as rice flour," he told reporters after handing over  RM400,000 financial allocation to build rice miller purchasing centre, the third to be built in the state, at Kepala Batas.


Mohd Johari said the mill, which is estimated to cost less than RM10 million, could help to reduce the farmers' dependence on private rice mills.


He also said the farmers could cut cost of padi seedling bought from the private company by producing their own padi seedlings at the mill.


"The price of the local grains could be reduced with the Mada's rice mill.


"The farmers would no longer have to deal with the private rice miller and they could save on the padi seedlings bought from private companies," he said.

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