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07 di bukit merah - Google Blog Search

07 di bukit merah - Google Blog Search

<b>Bukit Merah</b> Laketown Resort, Perak | Emila Yusof; draw, write, travel.

Posted: 08 Jan 2013 09:37 AM PST

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My husband doesn't like to stay long in one place, so right after spending a day and a night in Georgetown, we later drove to Bukit Merah Laketown Resort. He was partly too lazy/sleepy to drive and at the same time need to complete a job and upload it online. We put up a night at Suria Service Apartment Hotel. The apartment is quite spacious, we got a view of the highway on 7th floor.

Yassin was quite excited to explore the theme parks but as it was raining, we kept the plan till the next morning. Furthermore, it was already around 7pm when we reached the laketown. It was also raining so we took a rain-check.

Suria Service Apartment

highway view

After breakfast the next morning, we let Yassin take a dip in the pool for an hour before checking out and head to the theme parks.

yassin swimming
Boy, he is big now!

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort is divided into 3 parks; Water Park, Eco Park and Orang Utan Island. We bought a combo ticket for Orang Utan Island, Eco Park and Sky Chair (RM39 for adult, RM33 for children below 12). We skipped the Water Park as Yassin already had his dip. The first park we explored is Orang Utan Island. We took a 10-minute's ride on a boat.

Orang Utan Island Jetty
Orang Utan Island Jetty.

The 35-acre Orang Utan Island is a research institution dedicated to the preservation and research of the orang-utan. Founded by MK Land developer's Executive Chairman Tan Sri Haji Datuk Mustapha Kamal, it was developed to resemble the orang-utan's natural habitat as closely as possible, its vegetation similar to the rainforests in Sumatra and Borneo. The island has dedicated 5 acres of land as a research and rehabilitation centre while the remaining acres are for Orang Utans to roam freely. Unlike zoos, the humans are the ones inside caged enclosure here.

Observing  Orang Utans from inside a cage.

Sonia, Adam and Carlos swinging around. They were quite excited to see humans in a cage. Haha.

27-year old BJ is like any other normal orang utans—when he is having a bad day, he will have his amok and break tree branches around him and roars like a lion. 

This is sleepyhead 7-year old Harry.

Oh, this is my very own 'orang utan'. ;P

At the research and rehabilitation centre, care is given to the infants as well as to the healthcare of a total of 18 orang utans in the island. The facility's ICU (Infant Care Unit) is equipped with heart monitors, IV drips, incubators, as well as a trained veterinary surgeon to cater to the orang-utan infants that may require medical assistance after birth. Infants who are admitted to the ICU will go through a specially designed rehabilitation programme consisting of 6 stages to ensure the development of their natural instincts such as foraging, nest building, searching for water source, swinging and climbing.  The rehabilitation programme aims to ensure the infant adapts well to their natural environment before their eventual release into the wild.

One very shy infant.

After visiting the rehab, we went to watch a documentary—Nurturing Nature—at the video room. It tells about the declining numbers of orang utans due to the clearing of their natural habitats from human development, mining, and illegal poaching as well as the efforts taken by the foundation to save the endangered creatures. This is my favourite part; a frame from the video:

Tan Sri Haji Datuk Mustapha Kamal

It was very educational trip for my family and I. Although we missed our boat to get extra information about the island (as well as buy some souvenirs), we were happy that we left the island on the next boat with extra information about the life of orang utans.

Next, we went to the Eco Park. The 3-acre park features three large enclosures – Nature Trail, Reptile Park and Tropical Trek, with a variety of reptile, primate, mammal, bird and fish species in an environment as close to their natural habitat. In addition, there is a Pets Park and daily animal shows.

Eco Park
The Eco Park.

Beautiful Sri Lankan peafowls.

Bearcats (binturong). The left one is doing major cleaning, haha.

Guinea pigs.

Cute cuddly hamsters.

Sleeping hedgehog.

Yassin feeding a rabbit. Pack of mixed food (vegetables, seeds, fish food) for animals can be bought at the park's entrance. The staff will let you know what food to be fed to which animals.

We got to see the animal show. Seen here a parrot carrying a ball through cones. 

Clever parrot solving mathematics.

One for the album. Red parrot and me. Forgot the name of the parrot but it is named after a football player. 

A thundercat and a couple of parrots.

This is what Hanging Parrots do—hanging around. Also known as Serindit in Malay Language.

Friendly ducks seem to be smiling for my album. Awww….

This squirrel monkey climbed on my bag and took away my lens cover! It later gave it back to us. :)

We had a blast spending time with the animals and on the way back to the main area, we took the skychair. The ride was great and we got to see view of the Water Park.

Yassin on a skychair.

Yassin had a blast and made us promised to come back here again for the Water Park. We will definitely return here as this resort is great for family holiday.


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